General technician features: 

the mod. AC 90/A is built in its entirety in our factory using high quality materials. For example, it should be noted that the refractories used in the combustion chamber are similar to the refractories used in foundries, while the steel that makes up the heat-absorption block is resistant to corrosion and acid agent, and the content of water in the exchanger is among the highest existing on the market.

How it works:

the AC 90/A automatic boiler incorporates an assembly that includes a combustion chamber and a heat exchanger producing hot water at 90 °C as well as an assembly for automatic loading with a regulator for measuring chipping in the combustion chamber and an EEC-compliant electric panel that controls operations and provides automation. The chipping is placed in the loader tank (which can also be placed directly under the silo). From there, the chipping passes automatically through an auger in an exact quantity and into the combustion chamber. Combustion takes place in the chamber and the process continues for as long as water is placed in the heat exchanger vertical tube bundles without reaching its desired temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, the provision of material and combustion air will stop and no more combustion will be produced until more calories are required from the heat exchanger. If pieces of wood or paper are available, they can be loaded through the large door in the centre of the combustion chamber. Example of fuels that can be used are sawdust, shavings, olive pomace, sawdust briquettes, RUDF, hazelnut shells, peach and plum seeds, rice husks, chips, ground wood, etc. lola di riso, cippato, macinato di legno ecc.