Technical Designer

Engineer Domenico Tanfoglio

The difference between the ROTARY POT and the classic PYROLYZER GASIFIER, hereafter referred to as the PYRO, is that while the PYRO is fully automatic and as such required ground down material of a constant granular size to be loaded so it can continuously operate for more than 8,000 hours without stopping, the ROTARY POT, hereafter referred to as the R. POT, can be loaded with whole solid material, in variable volumes, at a length of up to 2 mL. In view of the above, whole boxes of tyres measuring a diameter of up to 1.5 m. can be added, as can iron rods and other metals coated with organic plastic material, rubber, adhesives, paper, fabric, leather, resins of all types (fibreglass), slaughterhouse waste, plastics of all kinds, polyethylene agricultural tarpaulins, bulky industrial wastes, hospital waste in boxes or bags, cemetery waste, and all types of special combination waste, such as a complex medicines, small animals, sludge, etc. It works in cycles with manual loading/unloading, which of course is extremely easy and not dangerous.

How it works: The R.POT’s metal doors are opened when it is cold, material is loaded and the doors are carefully closed. The engine, known as the DCS, is then started. When heat flows around the shell of the R. POT, an ion with a special alloy is released that ensures the correct Molecular Disintegration and production of hydrocarbons such as Syngas, synthetic oil (diesel) and carbon. These are then used as a fuel in the DCS for the disintegration process. Syngas can be used at the same time to produce electricity. Synthetic oil can in theory also be used for the same task, or it can be used for heating at another site, or it can be sold. The heat produced can be used to heat buildings or sheds, or can feed driers. Once the process is finished, it is necessary to wait until the machine has cooled down. The doors can then be reopened and charcoal can be collected and clean metals obtained. Once complete, the task and the process can start again.