• Nature is not a place to visit. It is home

    (Gary Snyder)

  • Pyrolyzer gasifier plants

  • DCS

    Solid fuel disintegrator

  • Module DCS - 100.000 Kcal/h

    with a hot air boiler

  • Fumes washing hydraulic network

Who we are

I, Tanfoglio Domenico, already in 1973 after the oil crisis which has brought Italy to its knees, I got to work as a pioneer in finding alternatives to oil…Continued>>


Piromak Ltd is very active in the development of increasingly innovative technologies in the field of the recovery of materials from organic waste and their subsequent use for the purpose…Continued>>


Waste disposal plants, Biomass disposal plants, High efficiency boilers… Continued>>

Our experience of more than thirty years

is available to those who want to transform industrial wastes into an energy resource for their own company.

Pyrolyzer gasifier plants
Officina Piromak
Piromak’s workshops
Alpea plants

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Piromak designs and realizes

installations for energy recovery and cogeneration, systems for the utilization of wastes and processing wastes, installations for the production of hydrocarbons and gasses through the utilization of the biomasses.

Piromak TD s.r.l.

Via Leno , 4   25010 Isorella

Tel. 030-962949

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