The mod. A/R boiler is perhaps the best-built boiler in the world in that when it is cared for it does not need maintenance and its industrial lifespan can reach approximately one hundred years. However, what determines its greatest feature is its 95% water yield. Another feature that makes it exceptional is that its tube bundles (short section) are positioned vertically, so it does not retain soot and its performance is practically invariable. The plating and heat exchange tubes are made of a new type of steel which typically does not to suffer from the aggression of the galvanic effect from static currents, or from internal oxidation caused by the heated water. This large thermal machine is equipped with an oven/furnace made of a highly resistant special refractory that can simultaneously house one or more thermal engines, as well as the molecular disruptor known as the DCS. Worldwide, there are many hot water boiler manufacturers. However, too many companies only want to achieve a competitive sale price and are not particularly interested in the quality of the products used. Unfortunately, many people also buy these products under the illusion of having great quality at an extremely low cost. We at Piromak have a different idea. Our only aim is for high quality, durability, yield and ease of maintenance. These are the qualities that, unlike price, make us competitive.


The boiler is manufactured using high quality materials. The tube bundle is made from seamless tubes (MANESMAN), welded vertically on very thick bases (made of Fe-52), with electrodes specially designed by BOLER in order to obtain an efficient seal with the passing of the years. The oven-furnace and combustion chambers (primary and secondary) are reinforced with a special highstrength refractory with a high aluminium content. The doors for access to the chambers are triple insulated, and the boiler is a four-pass smoke boiler. The lid hydraulically lifts and can be completely opened, in this way enabling easier cleaning of the tube bundles. The oven furnace is designed to enable simultaneously connection with other types of burners (e.g. Oil-Gas). Yield is higher than 90% and the body of the boiler has a large H2O capacity. Every boiler is tested both hot and cold by the company and is subjected to simulated water hammering.