Grinder LP-1000

The grinders of the series LP is a machine that is settled directly in the production area of a factory. Given its thick insulation its noise in the working phase does not exceed 50 D/B, does not have any uncovered part, it looks like a piece of furniture, it gets charged from the upper side and it discharges through the bottom side via an auger (see the picture below), it is provided by an internal replaceable screen to change the size of the output product, it can grind any kind of material, from paper to pallets, from plastic film to metal chips scrap of machining drill, tires, etc.

We can produce custom models with targeted features

Blade-hammer grinder with tape

The blade-hammer grinder is a machine for large productions, the principle of grinding is based on a tool with a particular rake that strikes into centrifuge the material that is introduced. The machine gives the best of itself on rigid materials, for example; wood, reeds, joinery scraps, etc. This grinder model fits all companies who work with wood as well as agricultural waste, MSW, and so on.

Special models on request based on needs

Ciabattatore of bulky waste

The CIABATTATORE is a type of grinder that grinds bulky materials such as armchairs, sofas, plastic constructions, furniture, agricultural waste such as weeds, twigs, corn legs, municipal waste, car tires, sawmill waste, pallets etc. reducing them to pieces of 10×5 cm, the aim is to reduce its volume and produce smoother rags for the introduction in heating systems and boilers, where it is needed most. Their greater use is in supermarkets, factories, ecological islands, agricultural consortiums, cruise ships, airports etc.

The “Ciabattore” C100 Piromak is ideal for reducing the volume of bulky waste such as wood, cardboard, plastic etc.

The “Ciabattore” C100 Piromak like all grinders has an ejection system through an auger.

Technical data:

  • Hopper 2000 × 1000
  • Installed motor power from 40 Kw
  • Quiet operation (noise at 1 meter distance 40/50 dB)

Note: Piromak also performs custom studies to adapt the grinders on the basis of the needs of the customer in case standard machines does not comply fully. We always supply “turnkey”.

Standard machine characteristics

Blade-hammer grinder MP1

The blade-hammer grinder MP1 consists in a loading mouth with a non-return mechanism of the introduced material, this grinding tool is revealed the most simple machine offered from Piromak, the grinding speed of the introduced material is a few seconds regardless of the type of material. The machine, by mounting the appropriate toosl, can work almost any type of material introduced, wood, plastic, RSU, latin, fodder, soil, stone, concrete, bricks, glass, fiberglass, etc. giving the desired size, the power consumption is less than any other grinder since it adopts a flywheel for kinetic energy recovery, given its simplicity but robust morphology it’s the machine that makes more and costs less, its noise can get above 100 D/B.

The machine can also be driven by diesel/petrol/gas engine