Tecnologie - Esco

Now that we can produce and sell our own electricity, it would be the case that we come up with a new way to be energy providers; not just buying it and then reselling it with the intention of competing with the various companies that negotiate electric energy.

Now Piromak Ldt can provide Esco which can produce energy from waste / biomass at almost no cost and sell the electricity directly to their customers, the aim is to put the owner in the condition of consuming only electricity excluding gas, oil, boilers, pipes, burst risks, dirt on the walls, countless bills.

The electricity can be produced anywhere where it is possible and convenient.

The electricity is transported on the public network by paying the rent of the cables.

The electricity can be sold to private individuals and public institutions.

The city of the future will only consume electricity.

Piromak Ltd holds high tech patents relating to the use of electricity for space heating, domestic hot water, cooking, cooling at no cost